Hong Kong

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We have 4 delicious types of Bouchard Chocolate Moments:

  • 72% Dark Chocolate
  • 60% Dark Chocolate with Mint
  • 60% Dark Chocolate with Orange
  • Milk Chocolate


15 pieces in each box with each piece weighing 5g.


Health benefits:

Dark chocolate is proven to have numerous health benefits for the body. Firstly it is high in antioxidants. Secondly it is beneficial for the blood circulation as it helps prevents heart and vascular diseases. Thirdly it strengthens a healthy cholesterol balance.

Bouchard Chocolate Moments

  • If you are interested to purchase this product, you will need to visit one of our pop-up stores and purchase it there. To find out where the nearest pop-up store is please visit our Facebook page or contact us via WhatsApp at 5577 6875.