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Fish & Meat Charcuterie

We are very happy to launch our newest selection of delicious gourmet products from France! Our Boss Hugo, when asked his opinion on our newest selection, he just smiled and replied: ‘that not only are they good but that they are truly very very delicious!’

Our newest selection of gourmet products consists of fish and pork dishes from the famous and respected Les Mouettes d’Arvor brand and La Maison du Paté Hénaff from the famous gourmet area Brittany in France.

Les Mouettes d'Arvor has been founded in 1959. The family-run company’s success lays on their unique artisanal way to prepare and put the sardines, tunas and mackerels in cans by hand to guarantee the best quality for their products. Their brand is recognized for the freshness of their fishes and their traditional recipes that will make you travel to France through each bite of their products.

Hénaff has been founded in 1907. The family-run company’s success owes it success to its dedicated commitment of only using quality products with no use of colourings and preservatives. The results are that Hénaff over time has become the indisputable leader of tinned rillettes in France!