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About 3000 years ago people started making Cheese, not the same type as we know now, but the basic ingredients are the same: milk, some salt, and natural stabilizers.

Now in 2020, good cheese will be similarly made but most importantly it should contain No artificial coloring, No industrial chemicals, and No preservatives.

But what do we see in a lot of shops today? Just the opposite! So take care of yourself and your family health and stop buying industrial Cheese!

The average farm in the Netherlands and Belgium has about +/- 100 cows, each cow gives 25 liters of milk a day. You need +/- 10 liters of milk to make 1 kg of cheese. So 1 farm can make about 20 to 25 wheels of cheese a day. That is the reason a lot of farms make only 1 or 2 types of cheese. Traditionally the cheese-making task was done by the farming lady and some helpers, whereas the farmer was taking care of the herd and all other work on the farm. Even today, the farmer must take care of their cows and keep them in perfect condition, otherwise, no good milk and no good cheese are produced.

Now we at Victor&Hugo only buy good quality cheese from Europe as we only like the good and healthy stuff. Seeing as I (Hugo) have been eating cheese since I was a little boy, I want to bring my expertise to Hong Kong and ensure that you can eat healthily and not the industrial cheese you find in the supermarket.


Hong Kong

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